16th December 2018

Skirmish Presskit


Developer:Extra Nice
Based in The Netherlands
Genre:Couch party brawler
Release date:TBA
Website: https://skirmishgame.com
Platforms:PC (Steam)
PC (itch.io)
Switch (planned)


  • 1-4 player Arena mode – players choose a faction and fight to the death with 1-3 characters each
  • Unlimited player hot seat Tournament mode – players play 1 vs 1 knockout until only one player remains
  • 1-2 player cooperative campaign – the player(s) help a village of peasants conquer the world in a quest to unlock content 😉 and have their ultimate revenge


Skirmish is a pixel brawler that will remind you of the old times, but with a twist! You only use a single button! Characters can spin, roll and flip as well as you can time your button presses. Hack away at your friends in the arena or play together in the campaign whilst sitting together on your couch. Defeat impossible bosses, lunge bombs at each other, or battle it out in a tournament with an unlimited amount of participants!


In 2015 we played the browser game “Soccer Physics” and thought to ourselves: “This would be great with weapons!” We immediately drafted a prototype of a 2d brawler that is controlled with one button and uses wonky physics. After about two days we had a playable version and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

A screenshot from an early 2015 version.

We originally named it “Backslash”, which seemed very fitting at the time. We realized it was a fun concept, worth spending more time on. So we turned the prototype into a full-blown project that we could work on in our spare time. Originally we were aiming for mobile phones and tablets and had a playable version ready.
Being avid PC gamers, we then chose to make it a “real” PC game instead and went to target Steam. When the Nintendo Switch was released we found the perfect console for the game.
On 7th December 2018, we released a demo on itch.io while continuing work on the full campaign for the final version.



Screenshots and Gifs


It’s a fun game with chaotic and carnage-filled combat that manages to allow you to do a surprising amount with just one button.

– Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer


Rando Wiltschek:Concept, Programming, Design
Nils Slijkerman:Concept, Art, Design
Cor Stroosma:Concept
Menger & Meester:Music, SFX

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