27th April 2018

Skirmish Beta Testing

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If you want to do me a massive favor, please help me test the beta of my upcoming game. Take a look at the trailer and send me feedback below. If you want to help out further, you can sign up for the beta too.

Thank you for your time!


This is Skirmish

(working title “Backslash”)

What makes this game special is that it is played with only one button per player. You have to make split-second choices which character to focus on and time your button presses right. The controls are (even) easier than they look: Press the button to jump, hold it to run/roll, release it to attack, and double tap to turn around. Skirmish will appear on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

If you chose to be notified of the beta or release, I will contact you about our game when that happens. You can change your mind at any time by clicking “unsubscribe” in a mail I send you or by clicking here.

If you didn’t sign up I won’t ever mail you.

Do you have friends who will like this game? Please send them the link to this page 🙂

Many thanks!
Orion @ Extra Nice

PS: Can’t wait to get involved? There’s a Skirmish Discord server now. Come by and say hello to the team!