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Description Skirmish (originally “Backslash”) is a unique one-button brawler game. Master the new possibilities of physics-based hack & slash and defeat your friends! With your single button, you control multiple characters and all their actions. Yet it can be learned within seconds. This makes it the ideal party game to play on a big screen. Play through the co-op Read more about Skirmish[…]


In the future the world has become nearly uninhabitable. The remaining humans, calling themselves the Tempus, have devised a plan to change the past. By going back in time they suppress mankind of the present through their superior technology and firepower, to stop humanity in its tracks. You disagree with the methods of the suppressors. Against all odds, Read more about Tempus[…]

Shattered Worlds

Starjammer combines an immersive Sci-Fi setting with fast-paced card action and the tactical positioning of your units on different hex-based space-grids. In most other games, cards are played as stationary objects; in Starjammer cards become units you have to strategically position in order to attack, or evade, enemies. The space-grid itself plays a huge factor: Read more about Shattered Worlds[…]

Hand-painted Asset Pack

This asset pack is useful for quickly creating hand-painted games and scenes. It contains roads, fields, fences, trees and various small props. This asset pack can be bought in the Unity Asset Store for you to use in your game. Asset Store