Hypertime Disruptor

Enter the worm hole of time-space frequency and try to catch up with yourself. Fly in sync with your own trail to accelerate yourself to the speed of light and travel back in time by hitting your past self. After the Black Hadron Collider experiment failed miserably and turned the whole world into dangerous mutants, Doctor Read more about Hypertime Disruptor[…]

Follow Me Toby

This Global Game Jam 2017 entry can be played with only your eyes. This makes it interesting for people with disabilities to their hands. Use just your eyes to control Toby, a small underwater alien. Place echo locations, which Toby will follow, and lead him to his cave in safety. For more information please contact us.

Manifest Manor

A network multiplayer game about cleansing a haunted house. You play as either a demon, haunting the house, or an exorcist. The goal of the exorcist is to complete a magic ritual by finding the required items and placing them to form a specific symbol. The demon will try to disrupt the exorcist’s plans and Read more about Manifest Manor[…]

Or Else We Die

A randomly generated forest crawler where you need to choose the faith of your party by either fighting or negotiating with the forest natives. Make sure that the dragon gets what he wants or suffer the consequences. This game has won the Jammers Choice Award at the jam site in Leeuwarden. This game was made at Read more about Or Else We Die[…]